Using Keywords to Achieve Social Media SEO Success

The art of Social Media SEO (or Social SEO) lies in your ability to eak without disturbing the conversation. This means keeping your followers engaged. Search engines love social media and brands that leverage it correctly. Building a Social SEO strategy for your profiles is imperative to your overall web success.

Find the Right Keywords
The text people enter in a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search field is called a keyword or keyword phrase. Before you create a social media profile you need to do some research about popular keywords that are related to your brand or service. If your website is properly SEOed, you will already have a list of keywords that you can refer to. If not, try using the Google AdWords Keyword tool.

The Google AdWords Keyword tool will help you discover keywords and keyword phrases that people are searching for on Google. This tool is used primarily for websites but it will help you optimize your social media pages.

When you enter a word or phrase into the Google AdWords Keyword tool, an extensive list of keywords and phrases will appear. Choose 15 to 30 keyword phrases that can be easily used in a sentence and have more than 5,000 monthly searches. Phrases with less than 5,000 monthly searches probably won’t help your profiles (unless your niche is very limited and specific). You can definitely experiment with them as your social media presence grows over time though.

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