The ABCs of Mobile Marketing

July 29, 2011

For those who are just getting started with B2B mobile marketing, just getting to the basics can be a bit intimidating.  With a few short steps and some new terminology, however, you can launch your mobile marketing initiatives with confidence.

First, you should become familiar with some popular mobile marketing terms:

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10 LinkedIn Traffic Secrets Exposed

July 28, 2011

LinkedIn, what a powerful tool that is. Only recently I found a few other ways how you can use LinkedIn in your favour and boost your traffic. It has done some amazing results in terms of traffic and engagement.

1. Get the LinkedIn Plugins

Sharing, it is nearly the new way of charity. Everyone is talking about sharing via the various platforms. There are a few options you can use for your WordPress blog to make sure you have the latest share facilities in place. If you are a WordPress user, I would have a look at the sharebar plugin. A great and neat tool to showcase the various share options.

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Five Lies About Social Media Marketing

July 27, 2011

When you think back on it, the advent of social media hit the marketing world like hot sauce on an empty stomach. All of a sudden businesses with an appetite for “what’s next” rushed to set up Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts and blogs to connect with as many customers as possible. Waylaid somewhere along the way, however, were the fundamentals of public relations, marketing, corporate communications and sales — giving way to erroneous assumptions about how businesses should manage their social marketing.

In my view, there is no “one way” to manage your online positioning using social media. Instead, each company’s marketing strategy should differ depending on specific goals and target audiences.

What follows is a cheat sheet to the dangers of absolutes when it comes to marketing online:

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7 Ways to Kick Google+’s Social Media Tires Now!

July 26, 2011

Have you started experimenting with Google+? Are you sitting on the sidelines thinking “I’ll wait until Google+ matures,” or letting the in-crowd like Robert Scoble, Scott Monty, and Chris Brogan figure it out before you test it. If either of these options sounds like you, know that Google+ isn’t another flash-in-the-pan social media site. Google+ is in the social media battle to win your time and attention as an individual and a marketer.

Need data to motivate you to jump into the Google+ fray? Google+ had 1.8 million total visits as of the week ending July 16, according to Experian Hitwise. While less than 0.5 percent of Facebook’s traffic, Google+ has Mark Zuckerberg’s attention. Why? Because he’s got a competitor that’s growing fast and has the potential and financial resources to keep growing exponentially without hurting its bottom line.

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Google+: The Complete Guide

July 22, 2011

Google+: It’s the hot social network on the block. In just three weeks, Google’s competitor to Facebook and Twitter has amassed more than 10 million users, and its users are sharing more than 1 billion pieces of content daily. It’s become a hotbed for early adopters, tech luminaries, marketers and businesses around the world.

Google+ isn’t the easiest thing to understand, though. It has a lot of features that can confuse beginners. Even advanced users can miss a lot of the little gems and nuances that define Google+.

That’s why we decided to dig into every aspect of Google+, from Hangouts to Circles, from Google+ for businesses to what’s next for Google’s social network. The result is an extensive guide on all of Google+’s key features, as well as an introduction to the service and the important things you need to know about it. We’ve included commentary, videos, photos and more in our in-depth guide. In addition, we will update this guide regularly with the newest information on Google’s Facebook competitor.

So, without further ado, here is Mashable‘s complete guide to Google+:

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8 Ways to Make Your Corporate Website More Social

July 21, 2011

Is your website social? Does it tweet, share, and like your content? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with over 140 million tweets sent per day and 30 billion pieces of content shared each month on Facebook, you might have to get a little bit more creative when it comes to socializing your brand. As familiar as your Facebook and Twitter page might be with your visitors, you’ll never have the amount of control or flexibility you have with your own website to meet your marketing goals.

Many companies today are launching branded communities of their own using tools to create a purpose-built social network that focuses directly on a particular brand. While your company might not be quite there yet, there are still many steps you can take to make your website more social and engaging for your visitors.

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4 Free Tools to Help You Socially Monitor Your Brand

July 19, 2011

Do you know what people are saying about your brand? Do you want to know how to monitor these conversations?

Regardless of the size of your business, chances are good people are talking about you and your brand via social networks and blogs. In this article I’ll cover four free monitoring tools to help you get started.

Getting Started: How do people talk about you?

A good place to find how people know and speak of your brand is to look at the keywords and phrases they use to find your website.

You can find these metrics in the analytics package you’re using with your website. If you’re not using an analytics package like Google AnalyticsWebtrends or Clicky, thenbrainstorm keywords and phrases that you may have heard clients/customers use in discussions you have had with them.

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