7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

August 31, 2011

Thou shalt not do that again!

I try to live a good life, free from temptation and sin…well mostly. I try to do what’s right online too and to help my clients do the same. But that’s tricky some days. There’s got to be a short-cut to get some of this social collateral we’re all working so hard for, right?

There are lots of go-arounds for social media and while they don’t come in the form of table-dancers, they’re just as dangerous – even for a one-time try. Is your social media suffering from a little gluttony, greed or sloth? Thankfully, the diagnosis is less painful than a blood test and the antidote, while not easy is clear and understood.

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The Making of the Social Media Strategy

August 29, 2011

Setting up a social media marketing campaign involves many factors and all of it can get pretty daunting! Social media activities can go astray due to undefined goals, inappropriate content, executive glitches or other reasons leading to a low fan engagement and ROI. A strong strategy and methodical implementation can ease the process leading to successful results.

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9 Mobile Tools to Stay Organized and Productive

August 22, 2011

Today, it is imperative that community, social, and online marketing managers stay organized via mobile.  It is also important that these tools on the iPhone and Droid simply make life easier so that you can relax when you are out of the office or working remotely.

I have highlighted nine of the best tools out there to stay on track and efficient while at a client site, at lunch, even at the airport—wherever you may be when that idea sparks.

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How to Practice Social Media Etiquette

August 18, 2011

Are there really rules for etiquette on social media?

As children we are all usually told to mind our P’s & Q’s. Etiquette is crucial whether its online, offline or otherwise – and very little changes throughout our lives. Social media like any other form of communication has its own nuances about how you should behave properly online.

How will it benefit me/our organisation?


Social media can be extremely beneficial for businesses and individuals. It is effectively cost-neutral and if executed correctly a well-targeted form of marketing.

  • A good ratio of sharing to promoting your own content is 3-4:1 as a minimum (the more you share about other valuable content i.e. less marketing messages, the more you get in return).
  • Be sure you only share content that adds value to your community – content which they’ll find useful.

Whist sharing your own content online (marketing), make sure it is not the only activity. Those who only share their own content are transparent and audiences online look at that as purely selfish and switch off quickly. If you share valuable content most of the time, people do understand that at some point you will want to share your own content/information.

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The Future of Social Customer Relationship Management

August 17, 2011

Currently there’s a lot of buzz around social customer relationship management (CRM). Social media platforms and technologies like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare are transforming how companies market their products and engage audiences. But when you’re also concerned about delivering results to your clients, you’ll do well to study the evolution from traditional CRM to sCRM.

Like different forms of intelligence – abstract, practical, emotional – customer data reveals different value traits that help to assess each individual. Then we can develop programs to extract revenue from that data.

While “transactional” value has been a mainstay for decades, the web and its social media platforms have introduced new “relationship” and “influence” measures. The more comprehensive data complements CRM’s traditional indicators:

Transactional: Determines a consumer’s monetary value based on purchase recency, frequency and dollar amount. Database marketers have relied on these attributes for decades

Relationship: Predicated on information sharing activity, the type and depth of information shared by consumers is directly related to their value to the brand.

Influence: Evaluates the consumer’s social potential as an “earned media partner” based on their publishing frequency and social graph responsiveness.

The seamless integration of what we call the “Value TRInity” — transaction, relationship and influence — will be the future of CRM.

QR Codes – How to Build your Perfect Campaign

August 16, 2011

We’re are all now familiar with the Quick Response or QR Code. They have slowly begun to appear on everything from food cartons to billboards. The rise of mobile apps, as well as social media marketing as a promotional channel, offers a whole new world of opportunity for businesses via this method of ‘tagging’.

These QR tags offer as may uses as people can think of for them, which so far has been plenty. So what have been the most innovative uses and what have we learned to avoid, when using QR tags?

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Five Ways to Build Trust with B2B Customers

August 15, 2011

Not long ago, B2B companies thought customers wanted to buy from great companies. Marketers promoted products and services with self-important platitudes, such as:

1. We are the leader in the industry.
2. We were founded by the smartest engineer in the world.
3. Our products are unsurpassed.

Today, a few companies still cling to this old strategy, but the reality is it doesn’t work.Your customers don’t care how great your company and products are. They just want to be able to trust your company can solve their problems.

Business customers aren’t so different from consumers after all. The purchase process may be more complex and the sales cycle may be longer, but what it comes down to is this: People buy from people. You need to engage with your customers and build trusting relationships to win their business.

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