How to Practice Social Media Etiquette

Are there really rules for etiquette on social media?

As children we are all usually told to mind our P’s & Q’s. Etiquette is crucial whether its online, offline or otherwise – and very little changes throughout our lives. Social media like any other form of communication has its own nuances about how you should behave properly online.

How will it benefit me/our organisation?


Social media can be extremely beneficial for businesses and individuals. It is effectively cost-neutral and if executed correctly a well-targeted form of marketing.

  • A good ratio of sharing to promoting your own content is 3-4:1 as a minimum (the more you share about other valuable content i.e. less marketing messages, the more you get in return).
  • Be sure you only share content that adds value to your community – content which they’ll find useful.

Whist sharing your own content online (marketing), make sure it is not the only activity. Those who only share their own content are transparent and audiences online look at that as purely selfish and switch off quickly. If you share valuable content most of the time, people do understand that at some point you will want to share your own content/information.

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