Google Plus for Marketing and PR Pros: Worth Your Time?

When Google introduced its new social network, Google Plus, a few months ago, many of us blanched at the news. The idea of learning the ins and outs of one more social network seemed impossible–at first. Initially populated by technology and social media early adopters, the user base has quickly grown to more than 30 million and now includes users from a wide range of professions. Yet many marketing and public relations professionals are still taking a “wait and see” attitude about joining; citing time constraints, doubt about the site’s future and its current “no-brands-yet” policy.

These are valid concerns. Certainly none of us is looking for more things to add to our crowded “To Do” lists. On the other hand, in today’s global marketplace, with its growing reliance on the social web, understanding how to use new social media is imperative. As Adam Singer, of The Future Buzz, states ”…a vital part of being a modern public relations professional includes testing, tinkering and experimenting with new communications technologies. Google+ is no different, and web savvy communicators should try to be among the first to dive in and get familiar with all the features when released.” And what better way to understand than to jump in and learn by doing?

Here are five reasons it makes sense to sit down, create your Google Plus profile and learn how to use it. Today.

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