Are You Missing Business Opportunities on LinkedIn? How to Build a Network

Are You Missing Business Opportunities on LinkedIn?

Speaking to groups in my part of the world over recent months I have found there are a lot of business professionals who know about LinkedIn and may even have a profile of sorts there but are not convinced that LinkedIn represents any real business opportunity for them. Some are quite skeptical, even dismissive about the idea.

While I certainly don’t share their negative or sceptical attitudes, I think I understand. It’s fair to say Facebook, Twitter and maybe even the new one on the block, Google Plus, are more fun and more interactive. On the other hand, LinkedIn has a lot to offer – such as the averages in income, educational and decision-making levels of its members compared to the averages for other networks.

And the fact that it is still in its fundamental structure and mode of operation a trust network means that for those who use it well it can be a very powerful way of building business.

But what about locally, if you don’t live in the USA or in a big city anywhere? There are, I believe, still opportunities. At the very least, I believe it makes good sense to check out the possibilities.

In that vein, and as part of preparing for a presentation on LinkedIn for local business people at Terri Cooper’s business networking breakfast this coming Friday Sept 16th at Mermaid Waters here on Australia’s Gold Coast, I did some searches to get a view of the size of my network in my part of the world.

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