5 Twitter Tips to Give Your Content More Exposure

Getting your information and ideas out to your target audience(s) is what social media marketing is all about. But is anyone reading what you have to say?

In such a fast-paced, tweet-saturated social network like Twitter, it’s often difficult to make your content stand out from the rest. Use the following 5 tips to help give your content more exposure on Twitter.

1. Schedule Tweets

Scheduling tweets and updates is a fantastic way to make sure you are getting valuable content out to your audience around the clock — even when you’re sleeping!

Using third-party tools like MarketMeSuite allows you to schedule your tweets for specific dates and times so you can improve your chances of getting your tweets seen by the people who matter most at the right times. It’s not always possible to be at your computer or to tweet via your phone, so scheduling tweets to publish automatically can really help you stay on top of your social media content promotion.

Scheduling tweets can also be helpful if your business extends to a global audience. Use scheduling to publish tweets in accordance with other time zones you’re targeting. This will prevent your Twitter stream from going silent during times when you’re asleep but your prospects on the other side of the world are awake, making it more effective for a global audience. There’s even research to back it up. Bufferapp.com recently published a study that showed carefully selected times for scheduling tweets increased click rates by 200%.

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