5 Steps to Successful LinkedIn Advertising

November 15, 2011

With more than 100 million users and counting, LinkedIn is a flourishing social media platform for business professionals worldwide.

That’s great news for B2B marketers, because LinkedIn is much more than just a bunch of résumés.

LinkedIn advertising is a huge opportunity for lead generation for B2B companies. Business messages are well-received in LinkedIn’s professionally focused environment.

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5 Pluses (And 5 Minuses) For Google+ Business Pages

November 10, 2011

Like a Ricola commercial, the call went out loud and clear on Monday when it was announced that finally, after months of promises, Google+ Pages would be available for businesses.

About. Time.

Our own Erica Conroy setup CoupSmart’s Google+ Page and we’ve had a few hours to poke around to see what all the fuss is about.

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B2B Social Media Wins with Inbound Marketing

November 9, 2011

B2B social media becomes a winning approach when marketers change from expensive outbound marketing tactics to more cost-effective inbound marketing efforts like blogs, ebooks and webinars that provide value to prospects and customers. The content you create needs to be educational, entertaining and remarkable so your followers share it with their networks, thereby extending its reach.

The below inforgraphic includes many of the B2B social media statistics we included in a previous post, but we know that some marketers like to share infographics as a way to make their case for social media.

What elements below resonate most with you as you move from outbound to inbound marketing?

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