5 Strategies for Maximizing Your Content’s Social Reach

May 29, 2011

What once existed as a webpage now finds expression as an update on Facebook, a bit.ly link, a tweet, an email link or a reblog on Tumblr. Welcome to the age of “traveling content.”

Traveling content, a consequence of the social evolution of the Internet and smart bookmarklets, is changing how search works. Google +1, Google’s war on content farms, and Facebook’s partnership with Bing all elevate content people actually like over content designed to gin search algorithms.

Brands have only begun to grapple with the repercussions. Two big ones need their attention.

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Top Companies Still Bashful About Social Media Presence

April 26, 2011

Social media is a strange animal at times. Everyone is very willing to talk about it. It’s become like all other aspects of the Internet marketing puzzle where it is accepted and now marketers are at the least required to have what I call a ‘cocktail party level’ of knowledge regarding social media. In other words, if you can’t say “Oh sure, we are on Facebook, Twitter and are exploring our mobile opportunities” type brush off that says “I know we have to be there but I don’t know a darn thing about it” kind of talk. Well, Advertising Age reports that maybe the Fortune 50 are indirectly saying they have this same level of knowledge because only 40% of the them even mention their social media presence on their homepage.

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Should You Outsource Your Social Media Efforts?

April 12, 2011

According to a recent MerchantCircle survey of 8,500 small businesses across the U.S., more than two-thirds of small merchants are using social media to market their business. At the same time, one-third of these companies say that lack of time and resources is their top online marketing challenge. Together, these two data points underscore a growing need for social media support among small businesses.

But hiring a social media consultant may not be as straightforward as hiring other types of professional service providers, such as a web designer or an accountant. For one, you may not be clear on the value or immediate impact of social media relative to other marketing channels. You might already be handling this yourself and aren’t sure if it makes sense to get help. And unlike one-off projects such as a website redesign or tax preparation, social media support is typically an ongoing monthly expense.

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3 Steps to Make B2B Social Media Produce Sales

March 11, 2011

Blogging, engaging, listening to customers on Facebook or Twitter. They’re all necessary components of being online. But doing these things won’t help your B2B company generate leads and convert sales using social media.

Step 1: Question your consultants
Step 2: Align marketing to produce behavior
Step 3: Ask better questions

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5 Simple Steps to Building an Awesome Blog Post

January 31, 2011

Your content is the most important aspect of your blog. But, how you deliver and present your blog posts often dictate whether a note a post will get read.

There are plenty of blogs out there just begging for attention, but they lose the reader with lengthy diatribes or perhaps they don’t even attract readers at all. Maybe that blogger is you.

Not to worry. We’ve pulled together five simple tips to help you take that killer content of yours and build an awesome blog post that’s more likely to be read and shared.

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15 Useful Twitter Tools for B2B Social Media

January 24, 2011

With Twitter such an important social media platform and with so many Twitter tools available, we thought we’d highlight a few that could be valuable to the social media managers in your B2B organization. Here’s a list of 15 tools you may find useful:

1. BirdHerd
2. Twtpoll
3. TweetChat
4. Backtweets

5. GroupTweet
6. TweetBeep
7. StreamTwitter

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Greatest Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

January 19, 2011

Given below are some Power Tips to get your blog rolling!

1.) If your blog is new, create at least three to five posts per day. People who visit will want something to read. Also, focus on keywords in your niche topic for “natural” search engine optimization.

2.) Add your blog to your My Yahoo! page. If you haven’t setup a My Yahoo yet, just go to yahoo.com and click on the My Yahoo! icon near the top right. After your setup, go to your My Yahoo page and click on the “add content” button found near the upper right. You will be presented with a form to enter your RSS link.

3.) Add your blog to your Google’s Reader. When you submit your own blog RSS to Google’s Reader the Google Blog Search will index your site. To do this, goto google.com, click on the “personalize home” or “my account” button in the upper left. After you account is setup, sign in and click on the “add content” button in the upper left of your page.

4.) Add a link directory to your blog and trade links with sites that share a similar niche. At this point, you want to trade links mainly to get direct traffic. In the long term, this will help with your rankings in the search engines as well. Use software such as seo elite to speed up your link trading and optimize you blog for the search engines.

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