Email secrets and lies: E-newsletters

September 9, 2011

A regular email newsletter can be a pleasure and a burden. Figuring out how often to send it, what to include in it and how much integration isn’t always easy; but, when executed correctly, it can boost your customer retention and sales. Jeff Revoy, chief marketing and product officer at email service provider iContact discusses one secret and one lie related to email newsletters.

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Getting subscribers to re-engage

June 10, 2011

Getting someone to join an email list can be difficult, but it’s even harder to get those who have stopped opening and responding to re-engage. Neil Rosen, CEO of email service provider eWayDirect, provided these five tips to bring wayward subscribers back into the marketing fold.

  1. Use Web analytics.
  2. Resend messages that were never opened.
  3. Analyze the last messages that were opened.
  4. Don’t up the offer.
  5. Ask them back—or let them go

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Using email for trade show follow up

April 18, 2011

Trade shows have always been a great source of new leads; but, considering travel costs, booth construction, booth rental and collateral printing, they are also one of the most expensive. There are ways, however, to maximize the number of warm leads they produce, said Melanie Attia, product marketing manager at Campaigner, a provider of email marketing services.

“I know from my experience being an attendee and an exhibitor that trade shows are a fantastic way to build [your email list]; but you need a strategy going in because not every contact you meet will be a valuable contact,” she said.

What’s the best way to ensure a successful list build at a show? For one thing, marketers shouldn’t automatically add a prospect to the database just because he or she provided an email address. “You’ll want to ask them to opt in when you send them your post-show email,” she said. Attia also provided these four tips to help marketers separate the email wheat from the chaff.

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5 Facebook Insights metrics to track–and why

April 15, 2011

By now, if you work in the digital arena, you’ve most likely taken a glimpse at Facebook Insights. After all, many people have responsibility for managing online communities, like Facebook, and need to track metrics and report back to management on a semi-regular basis.

Admittedly, Facebook doesn’t offer the most comprehensive suite of data out there. In fact, some folks have figured out work-arounds to install Google Analytics on their Facebook page for more in-depth information.

But, Insights actually probably serves most brands just fine. It provides basic data that can tell you a lot about if and how you’re fairing on the platform.

My question is this: Are people just reporting likes and basic interactions? Or, are they really diving into the data, grabbing the right data and translating that into actionable intelligence for the brand?

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Create a holistic, integrated email marketing strategy

April 14, 2011

The key is to consider how to take advantage of the strengths of other types of media, mainly social and mobile, to effectively combine them with your email marketing strategy. Your ultimate goal should be to deliver optimized, consistent, targeted and relevant messages across channels. This will ultimately drive your campaign toward improved customer and prospect engagement while providing a greater marketing ROI.

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10 Tips for Optimizing Mobile Email Marketing

March 4, 2011

While web-based email went down in 2010, mobile email went up 36% in the US as we reported last week on Frogloop.

“Mobile email marketing design is smoking hot,” says Shane Ketterman of Copy Blogger and it’s a communications tool that’s continuing to grow.

Ketterman shared some tips that organizations should start using ASAP to get better results with mobile email marketing.

1.  Include a plain text version of every message. “It may not be pretty like HTML but it is at least clickable on some  platforms and if that causes one even one more conversion, it was worth it,” said Ketterman.

2.  Keep text links uncrowded and make them standout from each other. Your members are reading on a very small screen.

3.  Don’t use large images links. They can be time consuming for users to download.

4.  Use a good subject line to catch people’s attention. Battle of the inboxes happens on mobile too.

5.  Use the right alt tags for your images.

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Email marketers focus on relevance to attract readers

February 15, 2011

Email marketers are still concerned about relevance, according to a BtoB study being released this month. “B-to-B State of Email Marketing: Best Practices” details the current state of email marketing as well as trends to watch going forward.

The study was based on a 21-question survey sent via email to b2b marketers in December. A total of 414 responses were collected between Dec. 8 and Dec. 14.

More than half of respondents (56%) said their biggest challenge and opportunity over the next 12 months is to deliver highly relevant content. This is significant because experts say it is one of the core capabilities that marketers aren’t delivering. It’s also one of the strategies that can make the biggest difference in the success of an email marketing program, said Morgan Stewart, CEO of Trendline Interactive, an independent email consultancy.

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