5 Pluses (And 5 Minuses) For Google+ Business Pages

November 10, 2011

Like a Ricola commercial, the call went out loud and clear on Monday when it was announced that finally, after months of promises, Google+ Pages would be available for businesses.

About. Time.

Our own Erica Conroy setup CoupSmart’s Google+ Page and we’ve had a few hours to poke around to see what all the fuss is about.

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What Google+ Brand Pages Could Look Like

October 25, 2011

Just as Facebook was announcing its tweaks, though, Google was on track to add brand pages to Google Plus. That integration hasn’t been announced yet, although a handful of brands, including Ford, are already enjoying the possibilities.

There are several barriers to designing brand pages for Plus. For one thing, it’s hard to stand out the way Plus looks now. The somewhat rigid format has a leveling effect. But Colin Murphy, director of social for Skinny, one of the agencies that accepted our challenge, says there are potential advantages to Plus, too. “A primary gripe among Facebook and Twitter users is that brands bombard them with messages they don’t want or care to see,” said Murphy. “In its current form, Plus doesn’t solve that problem, but Plus Brand Pages might, if they implement Public Circles.”

Skinny outlined how this might work with a hypothetical example for Mini, the auto brand. In this case, a Mini Countryman fan could join the Countryman circle and see just Countryman updates in her feed. “This level of selectivity isn’t possible on Facebook or even Twitter, unless of course you are a fan or follow the specific product you’re interested in — but there’s a major drawback to that method because the user has to seek out content streams,” Murphy says. “With Google+ it’s all in one place, and the all the admin has to do is feed pertinent content to the appropriate circles.”

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Google+ Business Profiles Are On the Way

September 28, 2011

arketers, start your Google+ engines! Speaking at Ad Age’s Digital West conference last week, Google’s Christian Oestlien, said it’s “close to unveiling Google+ business profiles.”

Right now, only Ford and General Motors have official profiles, but since Google+ opened the gates to everyone and anyone, a few “unofficial” profiles have popped up for brands such as Snapple and Taco Bell. Most of these branded pages are blank which leads me to believe people are place holding in hopes of a coup. It’s not going to happen, though, because there’s no limit to how many times the same name can be used.

If a company wants to complain about misuse of their logo, Google+ will listen and possibly shut down the offending profile, but it doeesn’t sound like verification will be a priority at all.

The other kind of brand pages that are popping up are franchise homes. Sunnyside Toyota in Cleveland has their own (empty) brand page, as does Alexander Toyota in Yuma. This pattern is starting to look very familiar. Yes, I’ll say it, it’s Facebook all over again.

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Google Plus for Marketing and PR Pros: Worth Your Time?

September 14, 2011

When Google introduced its new social network, Google Plus, a few months ago, many of us blanched at the news. The idea of learning the ins and outs of one more social network seemed impossible–at first. Initially populated by technology and social media early adopters, the user base has quickly grown to more than 30 million and now includes users from a wide range of professions. Yet many marketing and public relations professionals are still taking a “wait and see” attitude about joining; citing time constraints, doubt about the site’s future and its current “no-brands-yet” policy.

These are valid concerns. Certainly none of us is looking for more things to add to our crowded “To Do” lists. On the other hand, in today’s global marketplace, with its growing reliance on the social web, understanding how to use new social media is imperative. As Adam Singer, of The Future Buzz, states ”…a vital part of being a modern public relations professional includes testing, tinkering and experimenting with new communications technologies. Google+ is no different, and web savvy communicators should try to be among the first to dive in and get familiar with all the features when released.” And what better way to understand than to jump in and learn by doing?

Here are five reasons it makes sense to sit down, create your Google Plus profile and learn how to use it. Today.

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Google+ Tips & Tricks: 10 More Ways to Make the Most of Your Account

August 11, 2011

Here at Mashable, we’ve been hard at work digging into Google’s new social network. All that searching has turned up even more useful shortcuts and tips.

Below we bring you 10 more ways to help you get the most out of your Google+ account.

SEE ALSO: Google+ Tips & Tricks: 10 Hints for New UsersTake a look through the gallery and share in the comments any suggestions you have for improving the G+ experience.

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5 Ways Google+ Will Drive Social Video Growth

August 8, 2011

The new set of features offered by Google+ represents the next chapter for the social web, helping it move from a platform that facilitates conversation and content sharing to a mechanism that can deliver much deeper social experiences. This new forum for creating connected audiences will pay off big for brands that create great video content.

In particular, Google+ is opening up a number of different opportunities for brands to get their videos seen and shared. It’s quite possible that we will look back on the Google+ launch as a landmark moment for social video advertising, because of the new possibilities it created for people to share, co-view, chat and text about entertaining videos.

Here are five ways Google+ will help the social video industry.

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7 Ways Google+ Users Are Getting More Out of Their Circles

August 1, 2011

Organizing your circles in Google+ can be the most confusing part of the new social network. Yet people are learning to embrace and even optimize their circles for better productivity, filtering and privacy.

We spoke with some Google+ mavericks about how they’ve corralled their circles to be more effective. Below, they share their clever tricks and best practices so you can learn from both their mistakes and their successes.

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