Top 5 Tools to Better Time Your Tweets

November 2, 2011

When exactly are your best times to tweet? With over 200 million tweets posted each day, this is a very important question to tackle. When you better time your tweets, you’re better able to reach your followers. Furthermore, knowing when they’re actually online is incredibly important.

Let’s examine different tools that help determine Twitter metrics. Each tool takes a look at your own personal following to calculate best tweeting times. Below you’ll find the top five tools and how they can optimize your tweeting schedule.

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5 Deadly Twitter Sins to Avoid

October 26, 2011

Twitter can be a great platform for many inbound marketers to connect with potential customers, maintain relationships with current customers, and generate new leads. But that’s not to say that all marketers are using it appropriately.

To make sure you’re using it the right way, avoid these five deadly sins when utilizing Twitter as part of your inbound marketing program.

1. Thou Shalt Not SPAM
Spamming your followers with endless links to your own website is a sure path to a lack of interest and support and a distinct lack of appreciation.

Do not rely upon automated direct messages. Yes, these types of messages are allowed by Twitter. But many — if not most — users find auto DMs both spammy and impersonal. More importantly, they are a dying feature.

All sense of meaning and genuine feeling goes out the proverbial window when you send these robotic and generic thank you’s. Try to connect with as many of your followers as you can…personally. The bonus? An alternative message might be less of a hard sell, and as a result, more helpful. Consider saying, “Thanks for following! I can also be reached on @MarketMeHelp if you have any questions.”

Don’t spam using hashtags. This is a big, nay HUGE, no-no. Some businesses see a trending hashtag on their Twitter feed and then add that hashtag to their own tweets in the often misguided hope that those following the trending hashtag will think will see their irrelevant tweet and think they are awesome. You are not awesome for using that hashtag in your tweet. Avoid doing this at all costs. Your rep will suffer, and it will appear painfully obvious to all that you are promoting where you should not. Reserve hashtag use only for instances when the hashtag is relevant to you and your tweets.

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5 Twitter Tips to Give Your Content More Exposure

October 11, 2011

Getting your information and ideas out to your target audience(s) is what social media marketing is all about. But is anyone reading what you have to say?

In such a fast-paced, tweet-saturated social network like Twitter, it’s often difficult to make your content stand out from the rest. Use the following 5 tips to help give your content more exposure on Twitter.

1. Schedule Tweets

Scheduling tweets and updates is a fantastic way to make sure you are getting valuable content out to your audience around the clock — even when you’re sleeping!

Using third-party tools like MarketMeSuite allows you to schedule your tweets for specific dates and times so you can improve your chances of getting your tweets seen by the people who matter most at the right times. It’s not always possible to be at your computer or to tweet via your phone, so scheduling tweets to publish automatically can really help you stay on top of your social media content promotion.

Scheduling tweets can also be helpful if your business extends to a global audience. Use scheduling to publish tweets in accordance with other time zones you’re targeting. This will prevent your Twitter stream from going silent during times when you’re asleep but your prospects on the other side of the world are awake, making it more effective for a global audience. There’s even research to back it up. recently published a study that showed carefully selected times for scheduling tweets increased click rates by 200%.

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Companies with 3+ years of experience with SM reported an increase in traffic

August 10, 2011

2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Companies using social media 3+ years, spend the most time each week conducting social media activities. – 63% spend more than 10 hours per week. Only 41% of those with 1–3 years of experience spend that much time. For those just getting started it is dramatically less.

Those with 3+ years of experience with social media:

  • 91% reported an increase in traffic
  • 72% report it has helped them close business
  • 72% report it has increased exposure for their business
  • More than 80% gained more business partnerships
  • More than 65% agree that overall marketing costs dropped when social media marketing was implemented.
  • More than 85% experienced an increase in search rankings

Tools that companies with 3+ Years Experience use:

  • 97% use Facebook
  • 96% use Twitter
  • 86% use blogs
  • 84% use LinkedIn
  • 75% use YouTube or other video

Tools that companies Just Getting Started use:

  • 84% use Facebook
  • 64% use Twitter
  • 62% use blogs
  • 53% use LinkedIn
  • 26% use YouTube or other video

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10 Tweetable Twitter Tips for B2B Marketers

August 5, 2011

Many B2B companies start their social media adoption with Twitter because it seems to be the easiest platform to jump right in without a plan. Let’s start twittering, the boss says. And the junior marketer complies.

With that in mind, this post offers 10 helpful tips for B2B marketers who are running the company Twitter account. If you are just starting out, these are good things to know. If you are an old hand at Twitter, there might be something here that is a good reminder. And just to keep things interesting, each one of these tips will be tweetable. Just copy and paste into your favorite Twitter client and update. Sharing these tips could be a good way to add some value your Twitter followers.

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How Small Businesses Can Use Twitter to Get a Jump on the Competition

July 11, 2011

Small and local businesses have gotten the telegram: social media can play an important role in marketing and sales planning. The channel has reach, allows for user-generated context, offers immediacy and is accessible. And because it’s an opt-in channel, small businesses reaching out to prospects with a deft touch stand a good chance of breaking through customer trust barriers.

The simple knowledge that your direct and indirect competition is using Twitter and Facebook is one thing. But it’s far more valuable to know who they’re developing online rapport with, and what those people need that you can potentially provide. And while you may not stumble across a blatant tweet like “I’m ready to drop $500 on a ,” with service mindfulnesss, some patience, and a little research know-how your small business can take an organic approach to prospecting through social media.

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HOW TO: Use CoTweet as a Marketing Tool

July 7, 2011

One of the greatest challenges of social media marketing is juggling multiple accounts across a variety of networks. As messaging, engagement and analytics differ from platform to platform, keeping yourself organized is vital.

A great way to keep your social media presences in line is with CoTweet, a web-based social media management and analytics tool. It has a simple design and the basic plan, which has fairly robust features, is free. Like HootSuite, it’s accessed through your web browser rather than a desktop client.

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